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Booking Information

Fees for your event

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be able to give an accurate price for the event. As every function will differ, our pricing will depend on your exact requirements such as the distance we will have travel, duration of our performance and the venue’s terms and conditions.


Playing times

A typical performance would normally consist of two one hour sets or possibly three 40-minute spots spread throughout the evening.

Shorter or longer performances are negotiable.

We shall endeavour to comply with your specific requirements for your event.

It is possible that we can provide you with specific live music subject to prior consultation.


Set up time

It normally takes at least an hour to be able to set up effectively and about the same time to vacate and clear away the stage area.

Sound system and lighting equipment.

We provide our own P.A sound system and music stand lights unless the venue has their own P.A. system.


Click the above image to download a Stage Plan

We do however ask that the venue provide the following:

Stage area

  • Collectively, we are a 20 piece big band, so we require a reasonable amount of space.

  • Most stages can accommodate us, however, please see the plan opposite for an accurate stage set up requirement.

  • A minimum stage area of 10m x 6m is required.

  • 2 x 4-way 13amp power sockets. (One each side of the stage area)

  • Approx. 20 chairs (without arms)

  • Dressing Room for changing and an area for storing equipment and instrument cases.

  • Parking spaces close to the entrance for at least four vehicles carrying heavy equipment.

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